About Me

[A photograph of David]

I'm a white, multi-ethnic cis-man in my late 30's. I'm of Salvadoran and European descent. I go by he/him/his pronouns.

People I work with often ask me: why did you become a therapist? I think it's a great question. I hope my answer gives you a little bit of a sense of who I am and about my interest in this work.

From a young age I was interested in music and computing. I would spend many hours a day playing scales on guitar or teaching myself how to build websites. As I grew older, I was very clear that I wanted to pursue these subjects in depth in adulthood.

After high school, I went to college and began studying computer science and playing with local musicians. In the years that followed, I established a career in computer software by day and would perform music solo and with friends in the evenings. I had the life I wanted for myself, but as the years passed I began to feel a hollowness about it all. I was so confused: if everything was as I planned it, why did something still feel off?

It was at that time that I started going to therapy. I began to face truths about myself that I had ignored for years. I was a good friend to others, but I didn't often enough speak up for what I needed in a relationship. I was skilled at my job, but I was always yearning for work that nourished my soul. By not attending to myself in these ways I was missing a certain depth in my friendships and day- to-day activities.

Slowly, things began to shift. I became more brave and honest with friends. I began pursuing a career path that was meaningful to me. I've become more sure of myself. I now feel, recognize and manage my emotions with more grace. And I understand that life is always changing — at times with ease, at others with difficulty — and it's possible to move with the change rather than against it.

I approach the work of therapy not with the intention of providing others with the experience I've had, but with the hope that together we will be able to move them towards what they deep inside know that they need for themselves.

Trainings & Education

I hold a Masters in Counseling from Sonoma State University and I've been trained in body-oriented and mindfulness-based therapies.

  • Re-creation of the Self with Jon Eisman
  • With Theresa Beldon and Kitty Chelton:
    • Somatics and Bodynamic Developmental Stages
    • Somatic Couple Therapy
    • Working the Body Knot
  • Hakomi Pro Skills I
  • Lomi Psychotherapy Clinic Therapist Training
  • Peer Counselor training at the Berkeley Free Clinic

Schedule an Appointment

I am currently accepting new clients. If you're interested in working with me, please call or email to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.

Phone: (510) 761-8451
Email: davidheliotis@gmail.com