Mindful, Somatic, Person-Centered Therapy

What is Person-Centered Therapy?

Person-centered therapy is at the core of how I work. I believe people know how to make things better for themselves and others, and they have a natural instinct to do so. Making the decision to come to therapy is evidence of that. With compassion and care, people can find what is right for themselves, and with support they can began to makes changes towards that rightness.

What is Mindfulness-Based Therapy?

In sessions I will often encourage mindfulness to help those I work with study their experience. Mindfulness in session involves turning attention inward, usually with eyes closed, and observing the various parts of experience. We so often get caught up in the emotions, memories and stories of life that we can miss the opportunity to choose to respond as our best self would like to. By slowing down and witnessing one's thoughts, emotions, sensations, and memories without judgment, we can recognize patterns of behavior and then begin to make space for new ways of being.

What is Somatic Therapy?

Alongside mindfulness, somatic or body-oriented therapy is another powerful approach that we can use. Somatic work can take place in many ways. It could be as simple as me pointing out non-verbal behavior such as a holding of breath. It could be more interactive, such as experimenting with standing in different positions in the room to see how moving around may impact mood, emotions, or clarity of mind. I like to work collaboratively. I always like to hear whether or not someone is interested in my suggested experiments or if they have their own ideas about how to adjust it.

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