Therapy for Men

Our culture tends to convince men that they need to be independent and self-reliant, and it often leaves men feeling alone with their struggles or simply lonely in the world.

I work with many men in my practice, and something I've repeatedly heard from them is, "I've never said that to anyone," accompanied by expressions of relief. Accepting support can be difficult, and it can bring much needed relief to our day-to-day lives.

Read on to learn about themes I've taken on in my work with men.

Dating and Relationships

A shift is taking place in our culture that is calling upon men to show up more vulnerably, emotionally, and authentically, especially in relationships. But many men haven't been given opportunity to cultivate these skills. We can work together on developing the self-understanding and self-expression to improve how you relate with others.

I've worked with men at all stages of relationships: those who want to date, choose a partner, improve a marriage or committed relationship, and responsibly navigate nonmonogamous relationships. If you're unsatisfied in your relationship or lack of relationship, we can begin to understand what you need so that it might be addressed. If you're partner is wanting more from you, we'll look at both what's happening inside you, and what makes it difficult to share that with others. Together, we'll help you move towards what's right for you.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Many men take on a lot of responsibility in their personal and professional lives, and it can feel like too much. Others feel as if they should be taking on and accomplishing more in their lives. When load we carry doesn't feel right - too much or not enough - it can lead to stress, as well as anxiety and depression.

We can work on helping you find the right balance for yourself. In the short term We can practice how to get through difficult moments, through managing stress and finding motivation. And longer term we can help you recognize your capacity so that you can advocate for yourself, setting clear limits and boundaries with yourself and others.

Managing Emotion

Feeling and managing emotion is difficult for many men. Growing up, we often don't have healthy models for how to feel and express our feelings. Each man finds a different way to deal with their emotions: some can feel them easily but struggle with how to deal with them, which can be overwhelming for themselves and those around them. Others deal with their emotions, but struggle to feel them more deeply, leaving themselves stranded with their experience.

In our work, we can help you both feel the richness of your emotional inner world and deal with the experience, so that you can make better decisions for yourself and your relationships.

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